Investment Management

We structure portfolios tailored to each client’s situation, risk tolerance, objectives and time horizon.

We strive to grow and preserve our clients’ capital over the long-term. Barrett recognizes that no one investment approach works for every investor and in all economic climates. We appreciate that diverse opinions and specialties, supported by rigorous research and analysis, help us to address each client’s needs and goals.

“No one investment strategy works for all investors.”

—C. Redington Barrett

Our investment approach is tailored to each client. We compare the relative value of stocks versus bond yields, and adjust portfolios based on expected returns, and the risk tolerance and time horizon of each client. Our disciplined approach to investing is guided by five principles that we believe support successful long-term results:

  1.    Seek compelling growth opportunities
  2.    Focus on valuation to mitigate risk
  3.    Conduct fundamental research and analysis
  4.    Adhere to a disciplined process
  5.    Take a long-term perspective


In working with each client and closely listening to them, we come to understand who they are as an investor. Depending on a client’s goals, their portfolio is invested in equities, fixed income, exchange traded funds (ETFs) or a combination. Upon gaining deeper insight into the client, we tailor our portfolio construction based on the following strategies:

Growth Equity Strategy

A strategy for clients whose primary objective is capital appreciation. We look for global companies that are growing their revenues and earnings at faster rates than the broader market. Our investment team conducts research that includes evaluating a company’s competitive position, business model, growth opportunities and market valuation. We evaluate small, medium and large companies that we expect to have open ended growth opportunities. For decades, we have invested a portion of portfolios in companies at the early stages of rapid growth.

Growth & Income Strategy

A strategy for clients whose goals are a combination of capital appreciation and a targeted amount of income. We use fixed income securities to increase income and reduce volatility in a balanced portfolio. Equity holdings are typically focused on companies that are increasing their dividends at significant rates. We emphasize the use of investment grade bonds and adjust the terms of the fixed income securities depending on the level and expected direction of interest rates. Constructing portfolios using fixed income securities with staggered maturities and interest payment schedules adds additional flexibility.

Enhanced Equity Income Strategy

A strategy for clients with tax exempt accounts who want to generate a higher level of income. We have developed a more conservative equity strategy that generates a high level of income while allowing for the growth of principal. This approach is centered on investing in quality companies that have a track record of, and ongoing ability to, pay dividends. The equity securities are typically companies with above market yields. To generate additional income, our team utilizes a covered call options strategy that has the added benefit of reducing the volatility of the overall portfolio. The net result is an investment portfolio that participates in the equity market and increases cash flow, while at the same time provides a layer of downside protection.

Use of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Mutual Funds

We may utilize investment vehicles such as exchange traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds and closed-end funds to complement our portfolio construction or as an overall portfolio strategy. This approach may be used to meet specific client requests and diversification aims, and provide flexibility for portfolios that have lower asset values.

Assets Under Advisement and Alternative Investments

We provide consulting services and oversight with regard to investment allocation and strategies for clients’ externally managed assets. Advisement of these assets may include coordinated client and manager communications, multiple account and manager monitoring, and implementation of recommendations.

Alternative investments, such as hedge funds and private equity funds, are evaluated on behalf of clients as requested and considered where appropriate. Barrett reviews, and may recommend to clients, investments in venture capital limited partnerships and pooled investment vehicles.

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